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Makestorming by Sia Partners

Our exclusive Makestorming concept puts action, collaboration and proactivity at the heart of work. We combine design and collective intelligence to facilitate your projects in a collaborative environment. You will experiment, develop new ideas, prototype and test innovative solutions.

Project by design

Major transformation projects are increasingly complex and challenging. In order to carry them out successfully, Project by Design capitalizes on our designers’ skills, as well as our service and sector expertise, to propose an innovative approach, which is iterative and inclusive.


Training and Acclimatization

In an uncertain world, it’s important to look to those who work in the community, who come up with new ideas, who prototype and reinvent. We enable your teams to discover new ways of working which are collaborative, creative, agile and efficient.


Collaborative Tools and Serious Game

It’s time to put “action” back into the way we work. To achieve this, we develop innovative, transformative tools that facilitate projects in a collaborative way. Whether they’re off-the-shelf or made to measure, our solutions boost creativity, agility and efficiency.


Design and Collective Intelligence Workshops

Finding the best rhythm is the key to success. Efficiency doesn’t mean working quickly, it means doing your best with limited resources. Our workshops are designed to help participants find a rhythm with which they can take action and make progress in their projects, all while fostering creativity.