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Chatter Tool bot

Customers and Stakeholders discussions analysis tool.

What is it ?

The Chatter Tool is a data-science enabled analytics solution. It provides our clients with an unprecedented insight into the discussions of customers and stakeholders that impact the company’s strategy and operations today and in the future.

How does it function ?

At a high level, the tool performs the following actions:

  • It gathers raw data from a variety of internal and external sources.
  • It then assesses whether the raw data it gathered is relevant to the client and, if it is, what is the topic, want, and sentiment of the feedback. 
  • Finally, the tool visualizes the insight produced in an interactive dashboard that allows our client to filter results by location, channel, topics among other factors.


If you wish to learn more about Chatter Tool bot, use the link bellow to access a demo :

The Chatter Tool bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

To learn more about Heka and its ecosystem

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