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Build an AI-centric company

The management of a complex distribution network requires solving technical, economic and environmental challenges that can be studied from a new perspective thanks to artificial intelligence.

Case study

Integrating artificial intelligence at the heart of the organization


The management of a distribution network imposes technical, economic and environmental challenges that can be studied from a new perspective thanks to artificial intelligence.

Well aware of these potential contributions, our client had already structured its information system to make quality data available. We supported this water distribution network manager in structuring a centre of excellence in order to valorise this data thanks to new algorithms and build the corresponding roadmap.


Our approach 

  • Executive interviews to define strategic ambitions
  • Job interviews to determine the maturity of the teams
  • Operation of a high-performance technological infrastructure, in particular on data availability and computing capacity
  • Identification of key competences to be strengthened and acquired
  • Communication within the organization
  • Detailed methodology for building and prioritizing use cases


Our client, a large water distribution network manager, had made strong choices to structure its information system 2 years before launching a service focused on artificial intelligence. This consistency facilitates the deployment of exploratory projects in production.

Our mixed team, made up of both Energy and Data Science consultants, has set up a structure dedicated to Data Science activities, which enables the current business teams to increase their skills while respecting the distribution of activities within the organisation and exploiting the existing technological base.

Cross-functional, early and pedagogical communication during the mission enabled all stakeholders to adhere to the future service and in particular the existing data scientists within the business divisions. Numerous interviews made it possible to highlight 80 projects and to build the corresponding roadmap, with a clear and rational prioritization methodology for the management team. 


Our strong business knowledge enables us to respond to the specific problems of each of our clients. Our team of Data Science experts will work with you - alone or with complementary sector expertise from the firm's other Business Units - to define your strategic ambitions around artificial intelligence, build your AI roadmap and set up a centre of excellence to add value to your data.

Heka is the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence solutions developed by Sia Partners. These advanced Data Science solutions come from years of development experience and support of our customers. Our developed industrial tools and insights allow Sia Partners to address recurring business issues and support value creation across multiple sectors.