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Quantum.Tech is the world’s first, and largest, event bringing together industry, research institutions, government agencies, and investors whose primary goal is to drive forward the commercialisation of Quantum technologies.

Sia Partners x Quantum.Tech

Sia Partners is a proud sponsor of the Quantum.Tech event for its 2021, online edition. 

This two-day event will see professionals from diverse industries get together with a view to facilitating the real-world deployment of Quantum technologies. Industry players, research institutions, government agencies and investors will all be present to drive quantum out of the lab and onto the shop-floor. 

Although Quantum is still relatively new to the market, it is gaining notoriety thanks to the current climate. Companies now need to understand the current, and future, quantum landscape in order to explore potential applications, benchmark against peers in their market, and drive forward their internal adoption of these technologies.

Whether you are just beginning to understand its potential, or you have an established quantum program, this is the not-to-be-missed event that will enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Heavily invested in its power, the Sia Partners Quantum Lab is inventing the future with the power of Quantum Computing. We provide strategic & technology advisory services and build application-specific products that enable business advantage to be created today.

Our Speakers

Two Quantum experts from Sia Partners will be speaking at the event this year.


Demo Session: Hybrid Quantum Computing Applied to Financial Services (Collateral Optimization) today

April 13 at 10.25 am - 10.40 am

Sia Partners (along with partners Terra Quantum & QMWare) has designed a cutting edge solution that can create business advantage today using Hybrid Quantum Computing for the challenges in Collateral Optimization in today's complex global markets. Vishal Shete and Karan Pinto will demo the solution. 


Panel Discussion: Applications of Quantum in Investment Banking 

April 13 at 1:45 pm - 2:40 pm

Vishal Shete will join speakers from HSBC, Refinitiv, QC Ware and AlgoMetrix on a panel to discuss Quantum's potential in the field of investment banking. 


Lunch & Learn: Real World Applications of Quantum Computing before 2025

April 14 at 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Vishal Shete and Karan Pinto will host this lunch and learn session.


We will also have a virtual booth at the event, please don't hesitate to stop by!
(Details to follow)