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Finance Leadership Summit 2022

Next Generation Finance: Future Proofing CFO’s

Event Details

The 4th annual Finance Leadership Summit will provide the perfect opportunity for leaders and professionals in finance to discuss the future of work, technology and environment for their finance teams. The event will be attended by finance professionals and leaders across all sectors who are developing their roles to strive for financial success, advanced insight and partnering opportunities.

Sessions will cover: 

  • The Future of Work
  • The Future of Technology, Process Automation and Change Management
  • Future ESG - Environment, Social, Governance in Finance

Sponsoring The Finance Leadership Summit

Sia Partners are proud to be platinum sponsors of the Finance Leadership Summit 2022, we work closely with CFOs and finance teams across Ireland. Having grown year on year with more companies and attendees, Sia Partners Ireland (formerly PathFinder) have supported the Finance Leadership Summit since its inception, 4 years ago and are delighted to be sponsoring the event again. 

Lawrence Vesey

Lawrence Vesey, Partner at Sia Partners

Lawrence Vesey will be a keynote speaker at this year's Finance Leadership Summit, stay tuned for more details!