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New investment and strategic partnership: Happydemics

HAPPYDEMICS reinvents market research with digital technology

Studio, the investment fund of Sia Partners, France's leading independent management consulting firm, has chosen HAPPYDEMICS as its new investment project. 

Happydemics, a French start-up, is developing a unique opinion research platform, 100% digitized and accessible to any user, based on the automation of the collection and analysis of opinions worldwide. Thanks to the financial and operational support of Sia Partners, HAPPYDEMICS aims to develop and market its offering to major groups in France and abroad.

HAPPYDEMICS, the French startup that is driving the digital transformation of research around the world.

Created in 2015, the HAPPYDEMICS solution is designed to meet the agility and accessibility needs of the market, with the same scientific credibility as long, complex and costly processes. 

HAPPYDEMICS transforms the market research market model by providing companies with a platform that fully automates how research is conducted: assisted questionnaire creation, dissemination within media spaces to collect responses from 3 billion mobile users in 145 countries, and analysis of results through algorithms which study the collected data and produce PDF and video reports to maximize the understanding and sharing of results. The platform includes collaborative features and enables on-demand customer support.

In addition to its speed of execution, HAPPYDEMICS' model is based on its targeting capabilities, which are unmatched in the research market. By exploiting the worldwide rate of smartphone equipment (85%), the company has instant access to all categories of respondents, especially targets that are difficult to mobilize in traditional panel-type survey models (young people, upper socio-professional category, hard-to-reach geographic areas).

HAPPYDEMICS is also rethinking the way it buys research, with a competitive and transparent model based on the purchase of packs, allowing its customers to cover more markets while optimizing their budget. This model allows customers to forecast their research budget more accurately and allocate it at the same price regardless of the country, where a traditional institute works on a specific quote and offers prices that vary according to the difficulty of access for respondent targets. 

Today, HAPPYDEMICS has nearly 1,400 users, including Total, Danone, BNP and Estée Lauder, and carries out 40% of its studies abroad. The platform's ease of use allows the start-up to conduct opinion research in 145 countries. 

The operational and strategic support of Studio by Sia Partners

Sia Partners and HAPPYDEMICS are convinced that the combination of this technology and the business knowledge of the entire Sia Partners team is the ideal partnership to accelerate the transformation of the research market.

The start-up will benefit from Sia Partners' network of 1,700 consultants who will be able to integrate an opinion research component into their missions, particularly on strategic topics such as new business exploration, marketing, or co-creation and ideation. HAPPYDEMICS will rely on Sia Partners' presence in 19 countries to support the development of its international activities.

HAPPYDEMICS' latest round of funding of €8 million, in which the Studio fund participated alongside other investors including Adélie Capital, Fair/e, and Laurent Ritter, the co-founder of Voodoo, will enable the start-up to strengthen its sales team to address companies of all sizes on a larger scale: Scale up companies that are not used to using traditional opinion surveys but are sensitive to the efficiency of the digital model, to large groups looking for solutions to collect and analyze targeted and fast customer opinions, in a crisis environment where marketing teams' budgets are limited.  

Tarek Ouagguini, founder of HAPPYDEMICS states: "Thanks to this strategic partnership, we are giving substance to our international ambitions by exploiting the network and expertise of Sia Partners, which will enable us to accelerate the deployment of our solution to major accounts in more than 19 countries. For Sia Partners, this is an opportunity to gain an additional lead in the knowledge of its customers' key markets thanks to our technology".

Elsa Martineau, Director of the Studio by Sia Partners fund, becomes a member of the HAPPYDEMICS strategic committee