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Lead The Change: Interview Library

Inspiring female leaders from around the world talk about how gender equality is evolving, how companies can 'choose to challenge,' what it takes to lead, and more.


Yvonne Harris | Irish Water - Dublin, Ireland

"Women must build their profiles, be visible, lean in."

Nancy Harrington Jones | Société Générale - New York, United States

"We forge ahead, break some glass, fix some crowns, and never accept the unacceptable."

Valérie Le Boulanger | Orange Group - Paris, France

"Authenticity undoubtedly lends itself to serene engagement, both in the professional and personal spheres."

Samira Khamlichi | WafaCash - Casablanca, Morocco

"Networks are a great way to support the young women we recruit, to show them that the glass ceiling is ready to be broken."


Sam Willing | Neoleuken Therapeutics - Seattle, United States

"A big thing that companies can do is normalize that people are actual human beings, and that they have real, true lives outside of work."