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Gender Bias in UK & IE Job Ads

Research Briefing


In 2020, Sia Partners developed a data science solution that allows us to assess gender bias in job ads. Using data from job adverts posted to public job boards in the UK and Ireland between September 2020 and January 2021, we conducted a limited empirical study to understand trends in the use of gender-coded language. We found that, while 1) evidence suggests companies are taking efforts to use more inclusive language overall, 2) senior roles were consistently advertised using less inclusive language than junior roles.

We undertook this effort to support our consultants, clients, and partners in addressing the complex issue of building and sustaining an inclusive workforce. Sia Partners will continue to provide data-driven research on inclusion, equality, and diversity as part of our overarching commitment to "Consulting for Good." We also offer a range of transformation and HR solutions that can help business, not-for-profit, and governmental leaders address these complex challenges.