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Marci Marra

Market Leader, Seattle | Seattle

Marci Marra

Marci Marra is a Partner in the Seattle office of Sia Partners. Her focus at Sia Partners is on employee and client engagement, transforming cultures to embrace diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, building reliance in organizations and leaders, and cognitive behavioral coaching.

Over the course of Marci’s career, she has often found herself as the only woman at the executive level, and has embraced being a pioneer carving the way for greater diversity. She is a committed leader with a passion for inspiring people to innovate and make impactful changes. She is a certified coach and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and integrates her coaching practices into all aspects of her life.

Marci’s commitment to support people is shown by her investment in time across a number of charities, speaking engagements, and the dedication of pro bono coaching to help people manage through fear, uncertainty, and job loss, since the Covid-19 outbreak.

She is on a mission to help people achieve success and live lives filled with joy, gratitude, and meaning. To learn more about Marci follow her on LinkedIn.