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Sia Partners achieves AWS generative AI competency

Sia Partners builds on its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) through the achievement of the new AWS generative AI competency.

Sia Partners is thrilled to announce that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) generative AI Competency. This specialization recognizes Sia Partners as an AWS Partner that helps customers drive the advancement of services, tools, and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies.

Achieving the AWS generative AI Competency differentiates Sia Partners as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success supporting clients in their generative AI journey. Sia Partners possesses the experience and expertise demonstrated through successful projects addressing customer challenges using generative AI solutions. These solutions enable digital transformation strategies for augmenting the customer experience, delivering hyper-personalized and engaging content, streamlining workflows, and delivering actionable results powered by generative AI technology from AWS.

"Our achievement of the AWS generative AI competency is a testament to the expertise of our teams in generative AI. This recognition strengthens our collaboration with AWS and reflects our commitment to providing innovative, impactful, and scalable solutions to our clients," explains David Martineau, Deputy CEO and Head of Data & AI at Sia Partners.

The AWS Competency Program aims to assist customers in connecting with AWS Partners who possess extensive knowledge and technical expertise in using AWS technologies and best practices to adopt generative AI. These AWS Partners facilitate the seamless integration and deployment of AWS-based solutions to meet the unique needs of all customers, from startups to global enterprises.

Generative AI at the heart of Sia Partners' development, accelerated by AWS

Generative AI has been at the core of Sia Partners' development for several years, as evidenced by the launch in June 2023 of SiaGPT, a SaaS product accelerator for generative AI projects that harnesses the full potential of Large Language Model (LLM) technologies.

Sia Partners also heavily invests in training its consultants on AI technologies and in developing partnerships that facilitate the creation and scaling of custom generative AI for its clients. Training and technological partnerships combined with strong sectoral expertise, and libraries of several hundred relevant use cases for all sectors, enable Sia Partners' teams to support their clients in integrating AI across their activities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) serves as a generative AI project accelerator for Sia Partners, enabling access to cutting-edge foundational models, and customizing them with their own data, all within a secure environment, Amazon Bedrock.

With a global team of 350 AI specialists, data scientists, and data engineers spread across eight centers of excellence, Sia Partners accompanies its clients at every stage of their Generative AI journey. From ideation to the implementation of industrialized and impactful solutions, Sia Partners is committed to business transformation guided by innovation.



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