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User Experience (UX) - Data

We optimize the ergonomics and UX of your professional tools to optimize their usability. As the use of AI expands throughout your organization, it is important to design interfaces and experiences that are simple, practical, and enjoyable.


Data: A Key Component in Creating an HCI

The key to any HCI project is, of course, data. How is it gathered? What is its structure? Its governance? Sia Partners' data scientists cover the entire data value chain, regardless of the technological environment in which it resides. This is why any project to create an HCI naturally starts with the analysis of available data.

If analysing the data is the first step, the last step that will validate the success of an HCI creation project is not the existence of the HCI as such, but its adoption by employees. However, all too often, this last step is not taken or is taken in the wrong direction.

When experts adopt a tool, this is a key indicator of success


UX Designer: Facilitate your HCI Projects

From the beginning of your HCI project, a UX Designer specialized in HCI creation projects, works alongside the Data Science team. The UX designer facilitates the collaboration of all the components which are necessary to successfully complete the project: customer expertise, Data Science, technical development, UI Design.

UX & DATA - Discover how our methodology can help your experts!

This document presents the methodology of a UX Designer during a project of creation or redesign of a business tool.

NB. This document is in French

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