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Strategic Partnership Ecosystems

Having struggled to address key systemic issues in isolation, executives are considering solutions involving​ partnerships and an operating approach enabled by collaboration. ​A Partner Ecosystem helps engage and entrust the best partners to tackle these issues and maximise collective value​.

Complex multi-party issues demand bold solutions. Ecosystems provide an effective way to resolve complex business challenges by connecting effectively across traditional boundaries between firms and industries.​ In a rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations that leverage the power of ecosystems will achieve outstanding results and growth. 

Saving Lives…

We worked with a major Gas Network operator to adopt an ecosystem approach to reduce harm from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Councils, Emergency Services and Charities amongst others shared their perspectives on the problems encountered. New connections were made, and a new integrated approach was designed and piloted.  

This will help reduce the risk of harm from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and save lives.

What makes an Ecosystem solution unique and powerful?​

Sia Partners focuses on five key factors to design and establish effective Ecosystem solutions:  

  1. Interconnectedness – a high degree of innovative collaboration to form unique networks​ to achieve outstanding results 

  2. Collaboration over Competition – offers new potential value from collective success​ 

  3. Value Creation through Network Effects as a multiplier of project benefit​ 

  4. Open Innovation in ideas, expertise and resources beyond a single organisation​ 

  5. Customer-centric focus considering the entire customer journey and experiences. Finding innovative solutions within a broad Ecosystem collaboration

Evolving Capability

Your Partner Ecosystem capability can evolve as the nature of its partnerships more strategic and the business value generation increases. There are five ecosystem stages (shown below). Building from the foundation, a company can build and extend incrementally to achieve more advanced forms of the ecosystem. Alternatively, you can fast-track your solution to generate greater business value in a shorter time. 

New technology advances such as Internet of Things and the decentralized web (Web3) are enabling more efficient collaboration and multiplying the network benefits. This is very relevant in the achievement of Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. 

Diagram between partnership and value
  1. Platform foundation and capability building – more transactional, early stage that may involve exploring options and small “demonstrator” projects. 

  1. Extending strategic collaboration – beyond transactional and into sustaining, projects have very specific scope or theme. 

  1. Cross-sector collaborations – truly collaborative relationship that drives value creation through the use of new channels, the combination of services and the inclusion of wider areas of operations. 

  1. Innovation ecosystems – focused on new and disruptive innovation with complementary partnerships that allow for co-creation and strategic outcomes. 

  1. Strategic Business Ecosystem Alliances – cross-sector collaboration in an alliance and sharing model which uses joint innovation activities and resembles a new and distinct business model rather than discrete projects. 

Sia Partners expertise

Sia Partners follows a structured four-step approach to enable your organization to launch the most appropriate Partner Ecosystem with a high degree of confidence. The key stages are; 

  1. Opportunity mapping and engagement: explore problems, assess potential value & early engagement of likely partners​ 

  1. Ecosystem foundation and collaboration: co-design ecosystem model, funding and partner commitment 

  1. Ecosystem launch and scale: launch “demonstrator” projects and scale up based on value 

  1. Business Ecosystem embedding establish the extended operating model and embed optimisation process and structures 

If you would like to learn more about our Partner Ecosystem offer, latest experiences and our credentials in this area, please do not hesitate to reach below. 

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