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Pricing Strategy Analysis Bot: Hotels

Sia Partners has developed a bot to analyze the prices of luxury hotels around the world. Over a million prices are collected daily using scraping tools which allow the bot to analyze trends and display them using data visualization tools.

Relying on a daily scraping of the prices of luxury hotels worldwide, Sia Partners has created a tool capable of analyzing the prices of overnight stays depending on the hotel, city, seasonality and services offered. It allows analysis of prices in real-time.

With this “Palace Bot”, Sia Partners is able to analyze strategic indicators. These include a comparative analysis of the average prices of luxury hotel suites on several time scales, the evolution of these prices over time, and even the variation in price according to the reservation deadline. By cross-referencing geographic and temporal data, this tool provides an excellent overview of the pricing dynamics at work in the luxury hotel sector. This tool was cited by French newspaper Les Echos in 2019 in an analysis of luxury hotels in Paris. A comparative analysis can be carried out with the “Airbnb Bot” also developed by Sia Partners, which analyzes the prices of luxury Airbnb homes from around the world.