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Pricing Strategy Analysis Bot: Airbnb

Sia Partners has developed a bot to analyze the characteristics of Airbnb listings. This tool has been designed as an automatic and dynamic benchmark, which hotel operators can use to analyze indirect rental competition.

Every day, our tool scrapes rental prices advertised on Airbnb from all over the world. It is thus capable of analyzing the price of overnight stays according to geographic location, time of the year and services offered. It allows strategic pricing analysis.

With this “Airbnb Bot”, Sia Partners is able to analyze many strategic indicators, such as comparative analysis of average housing prices by city, and price changes over time, depending on the booking deadline or according to equipment and services offered. Segmentation is possible depending on the category of accommodation, ranging from standard to luxury. A comparative analysis can be carried out with the "Hotel Bot", also developed by Sia Partners, which analyzes the prices of luxury hotels around the world in real time.