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Fraud detection on a package's journey

Fraud detection on a package's journey

What is it – Spotting the risk area in a package journey  

This bot is designed to detect risk areas, where a package is likely to get disputed. Once spotted, these areas can be better controlled in order to improve customer satisfaction.


How does it work– The use of geocoding 

Using geocoding, we managed to map the disputed packages, resulting in a map of risk areas. In addition, we created dashboards involving numerous variables in order to offer an adapted approach to the loss phenomenon. Finally, to connect disputes with customer proximity data, the bot enables you to collect and analyze social media information related.


This bot has two main applications :

  • Geovisualization of industrial processes
  • Customers' tweets content follow-up


If you wish to learn more about our bot, use the link below to access a demo :

Fraud detection on a package's journey bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

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