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Integrating AI to Optimise Business Decisions

The Association is delighted to have welcomed change management consultants at Sia Partners, on March 11, for a virtual event centred on Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used to optimise business decisions.

The session provided an overview of some of the most common topics tackled nowadays in business: Customer centricity, Marketing and Productivity and connect them to specific macro use cases that are being solved with the help of AI (customer segmentation, recommendation systems, process and route optimization, social listening, sentiment analysis, etc).

Drawing on a number of case studies of which they have first-hand experience, speakers Pierre Leplatois, Partner, and Tiago Pereira, Data Science Manager at Sia Partners, outlined where AI has been applied (energy forecast at substations, fraud detection on counterfeit items, route optimization for logistics, social listening) and delved deeper into one of the use cases to explain in detail the benefits and how to enhance business decision making.

Since 2005, Sia Partners Ireland (formerly Pathfinder Consulting) have been delivering value to clients in Ireland and the UK, supporting them to realise business objectives, and developing their resource capabilities to become more customer centric and increase competitive advantage. Based in Dublin’s Silicon Docks area, they are a core part of the Sia Partners global network, working across many industries but with specific depth of experience in Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Technology, Agri business food and Nutrition & Pharma and Life Science.

Watch the replay here