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Sia Partners Announces Membership in SIFMA

Sia Partners becomes a member of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)

January 25, 2022—Sia Partners is thrilled to announce that we have become a Premium Associate Member and Strategic Partner of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), the leading trade association for broker-dealers, investment banks and asset managers operating in the U.S. and global capital markets. 

Sia Partners has extensive expertise in the Wealth and Asset Management space, with proven execution of large-scale platform and product integration, and launching new products in Advisory programs. We support key Corporate & Investment Banks on various topics along the value chain: Corporate Banking, Capital Markets, end-to-end CIB transformation, CIB customer journey, Growth & Innovation, Regulatory & Compliance, Data & IT Strategy.

SIFMA, on behalf of the industry's nearly one million employees, advocates on legislation, regulation and business policy affecting retail and institutional investors, equity and fixed income markets and related products and services.  SIFMA also serves as an industry coordinating body to promote fair and orderly markets, informed regulatory compliance, and efficient market operations and resiliency, and provides a forum for industry policy and professional development. Sia Partners is pleased to be a part of this organization. 

John Gustav, Partner and Head of U.S. Financial Services at Sia Partners adds,  “We are honored to become a member of SIFMA, and are thrilled with the opportunity to engage with SIFMA and the broader industry in so many different ways, leveraging Sia Partners’ global capabilities and expertise.”