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Sia Partners UK offre une valeur supérieure à ses clients au Royaume-Uni et en Irlande, en les aidant à atteindre leurs objectifs commerciaux et à développer les capacités de leurs ressources pour améliorer l'expérience client et accroître leur avantage concurrentiel. 

Nous servons des clients locaux et internationaux, en fournissant des résultats commerciaux concrets pour garantir le succès. Nous travaillons dans de nombreux secteurs, en nous spécialisant dans la transformation des entreprises, la croissance et l'innovation, ainsi que l'énergie et les services publics, en tirant parti des données, de l'IA et du design pour augmenter le nombre de nos consultants.

Our Capabilities

We help guide our clients through the complexities of business strategy development, providing them with essential capabilities to succeed in the market. 

  • Corporate Planning

We guide our clients through the business strategy development journey, presenting challenges in defining their positioning and market ambitions. While simultaneously mobilizing management and the wider team to successfully achieve these objectives.

  • Growth Strategy

We help our clients capitalize on growth opportunities using our methodological expertise. Our committed teams identify transformative opportunities, create high-value offerings, and devise innovative methodologies to drive innovation.

Contact us for more information on our Strategy services here

We work with some of the most forward-thinking companies across the globe to solve major systemic challenges in new ways and to disrupt their markets through the launch of innovative ventures and new propositions. We help our clients to get ahead of the competition, and unlock new revenue streams by commercialising new ideas, IP, data, and technologies. We cover the full spectrum of innovation from growth strategy, opportunity identification, and proposition development through to go-to-market strategy, new venture launch, and innovation capability build.

  • High Growth Strategies

We help our clients identify strategies to boost their existing growth plans and establish new avenues for high-margin growth.

  • Innovation Capability Build

We help clients embed their sustainable innovation capability.

  • Technology Commercialisation

We support our clients in identifying latent undervalued data technology opportunities.

  • New Propositions & Ventures

We identify breakthrough opportunities to support our clients' launch into the market.

  • New Business Models

We help our clients drive business efficiencies and explore new profitable business models to unlock investment for wider growth aspirations.

  • Partnership Ecosystems

We help our clients address industry-wide or systemic challenges.

Learn more about our Growth & Innovation services here

We assist our clients in their business and digital transformations guaranteeing we increase their competitive advantage, employee satisfaction and people engagement. We approach business and digital transformation by considering every touch point of the business, which is affected, and how it must be strategically supported. We do this through our wide range of Business & Digital Transformation services: 

  • Decision Support

We help our clients increase organisational value by identifying, analysing and prioritising opportunities. We create create detailed strategic plans which act as a clear guide for an organisation during its transformation.

  •  Operating Model

We support a wide range of organisations to design and implement operating models consistent with their strategic goals.

  • Organisation Design

We work with our clients to ensure that they have the right capabilities, roles, and sizes to deliver their strategy and meet their performance targets.

  • Partner Eco System

We support our clients in solving high-value issues by establishing communities of partners. The aim of these communities is to be aligned on organisational goals and objectives and as a result, deliver better outcomes to shared problems by working together.

  • Process Design

We provide the detailed insight that is required to design and implement processes that are both cost-effective and efficient. We also collaborate with clients to improve operational performance and address risks. 

  • Change Management 

We support our clients in navigating complex transformations and provide expert guidance in changing their ways of working and mindsets to realise promised benefits.

  • Transformation Delivery

We support clients to achieve desired business outcomes, delivered with an emphasis on time and quality. Our experts optimise people skills and capabilities to design a cost-effective approach aligned with your strategy and operating model.

Learn more about our Business & Digital Transformation services here

Leveraging the expertise of Sia Partners' six global data labs and 300 data scientists, we help businesses on the entire data value chain, from strategy development to the industrialisation of their projects. We have six dedicated labs focused across major areas of Data Science to foster expertise and create industry-leading solutions. Our six labs are Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series, Data Quality, Operational Research and Data Marketing.

  • Data & Strategy Governance

We collaborate with CDOs to make the Data Office a profit centre aligned with the commercial strategy by anticipating changes in business models and capacities.

  • Data Science & AI

We help identify and address our client's challenges by deploying our Data Science experts (Data Scientists, Data Architects, and DevOps Engineers) on data accelerators.

  • Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence

The tools and methods of Data Visualisation and agile Business Intelligence make it possible to revolutionise and democratise data use by deploying data projects with clients.

  • Data Technologies and Industrialisation

Our Heka industrial platform automates the configuration of the development and production environment and the deployment process, allowing Data teams to deploy, execute and scale their models in production.

Learn more about our Data Science & AI services here

Our Operational Excellence services help us to assist our clients in executing a business strategy consistently and more efficiently than the competition. This results in increased revenue, reduced operational risk and operating expenses. 

  • Reduce Customer Lead Time 

Our ‘Take Time Out’ offer can reduce up to 90% of critical processing time out of business processes, increasing service response times and reducing the customer lead time for processes and services.

  • Capacity Optimisation

We enhance our client's throughput and capacity to satisfy customer demands. We redesign the operating model by segmenting customer demand and aligning services to match resources. This offer can increase capacity by 30-40% without increasing costs. 

  • Efficiency Maximisation

We support our clients in improving the efficiency of their workforce by up to 20% without the need for additional resources by creating a baseline of true process success measures (aligned to objectives) and building a continuous improvement function to address the root causes of inefficiency.

  • Take Cost Out

The aim of our ‘Take Cost Out’ offer is to deliver major improvements in cost reductions. We reduce OPEX costs by up to 30% by eliminating either activities that do not provide value or sources of preventable waste using automation and process redesign.

  • Reduce Quality Issues

We can help our clients reduce the effort required to perform quality assurance by up to 75%. We diagnose the root causes of quality issues followed by redesigning processes to stop quality errors from being created at the source, rather than accepting that errors will occur and correcting them afterwards.

  • Increase Margin

We assess instances where customers' needs are misaligned with the product/service they receive and the price they pay for it. We design and implement interventions to ensure there is clarity, transparency and a sustainable solution in place to maximise future margins.

Learn more about our Operational Excellence services here

SiaXperience's goal is to build connectivity between brands and consumers, using best practice development in user experience, creativity and design. Our offer is structured around Digital Marketing, Collaborative Design and Growth Strategy. The key capabilities we support businesses in are product positioning for growth, brand, UX/UI,  website and database development and website optimisation for conversion and performance.

  • Design Thinking & Growth Strategy

We bring thought leadership, best practice methodology and facilitated workshops to create strategies that help our clients reach their full potential.​

  • Design & iXD

Our offering covers expertise in brand identity and strategic communications, content generation to drive demand, UX and product design.

  • Consumer Apps & Business Products

We create consumer products across technology stacks to drive long-term value for our clients.

  • Performance & Data Marketing

Empowered by our data science team leveraging AI, we extract value in areas such as media mix modelling, customer lifetime value, the voice of the customer, loyalty, segmentation and personalisation.

  • Emerging Tech

We assist our clients in understanding how web3, AR, VR, GenAI and other tools for innovation can reach new audiences and accelerate growth. 

  • Communications & Reporting

Compelling narratives are key to driving accountability, we focus on turning complex data sets into meaningful inspiration.

Learn more about our SiaXperience services here

People working by windmills

Our Sectors: Energy & Utilities

We assist electricity, gas, and water utilities to enhance operational performance and customer service, provide technical solutions for smart grids and water monitoring, develop regulatory strategies to maximise revenue and offer several services focussing on ESG, such as carbon management, EV charging strategies and vulnerable customer mapping solutions. 

man with tablet

Our Sectors: Technology

We deliver mission-critical projects for our clients operating in the tech sector. We work with a range of clients including large blue chip organisations, we understand their needs in operating in an ever-changing environment. We offer a wide range of services to help support the execution of quick turnaround projects. We can support your business through all stages of growth with our capabilities in regulatory compliance, project management, operational excellence, data science and AI and digital and product marketing.

man with laptop

Our Sectors: Banking

We offer a wide array of tailored services to help your organisation manage increased regulatory constraints and competition within the Banking sector. We assist our clients in optimising their offers and improving their competitive advantages and profitability. 

person with papers

Our Sectors: Insurance

We have a number of services ready to assist our insurance clients in adapting their value chains to regulatory requirements, and competition, and to take advantage of opportunities offered by new technologies.


Our Sectors: Agri-food

We have a number of tailored services to help agriculture and food services businesses. Our services range from strategy execution to sustainability programs, optimisation of business processes to new proposition development. We offer capabilities in innovation, and process manufacturing, and have successfully assisted clients in developing new revenue streams in new markets.

women in lab

Our Sectors: Life Sciences

We support businesses in life science, healthcare and nutrition with a wide range of services and solutions, providing a breadth of project and program management, along with strategy, product commercialisation and business model optimisation with our team of life science consultants through Latham BioPharma. We support our client's growth through acquisition, integration, partnering and organic growth.

people meeting each other

Our Sectors: Public

The public sector is experiencing significant change due to national and supra-national legislation, we help our clients to translate new Policies into Action. Turning public policy into practical implementation has complex stakeholder networks to coordinate, rigorous governance standards, and a strong emphasis on ensuring value for money. It also strongly emphasises keeping the end citizen and their citizen experience journey at the forefront. With an independent approach, cross-discipline expertise, and an international perspective, we can also help our public sector clients refine policy based on lessons learned from implementation.   

retail store

Our Sectors: Retail

We help our retail clients manage significant transformations in each sector and develop a competitive advantage. We help our clients identify opportunities to evolve as customer demands, expectations and priorities continuously change. We work across the retail value chain, from optimising supply chains and central functions to developing unique customer experience strategies (omnichannel and in-store), innovation and sustainability.


Our Sectors: Transport

There is a significant change in the modes of transport due to a greater emphasis on driving down carbon impact in transport. We help our clients manage significant investment in this area, including planning the shift to electrification and hydrogen-based transport, as well as programme management of significant transport initiatives at a national level. Our operational management and data science experience help our clients transform their logistics solutions to operate more efficiently and at a lower overall cost, including carbon cost.

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Address: 83 Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 2ER.

Complaints Procedure 

Sia Partners wants to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service we have provided to you, then you should inform us immediately so that we can do our best to resolve the problem for you. In the first instance, it may be helpful to contact your Sia Partners Account Lead to discuss any concerns and we will do our best to resolve any issues at this stage. If you would like to make a formal complaint then you can email us your complaint here:

If you have taken these initial steps and we are unable to resolve the complaint with you, then you can have the complaint independently reviewed by the relevant ombudsman. Find out more information on the Citizens Advice website.

Cette traduction n’est pas une traduction officielle et a pour objectif d’apporter une compréhension de notre politique sur l’esclavage moderne et le trafic des êtres humains, rédigée initialement en anglais. En cas de divergence entre la traduction et la version anglaise de cette politique, cette dernière prévaudra. Sia Partners ne fournit aucune garantie quant à la fiabilité, l’exactitude et la précision de cette traduction. Toute personne qui s’appuie sur cette traduction pour toute réclamation le fait donc à ses risques et périls et il est conseillé de toujours se référer à la version anglaise de cette politique en cas de doute. Si vous souhaitez nous signaler une erreur de traduction ou nous demander une précision, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir nous contacter en utilisant le formulaire de contact en bas de cette page. 


1.    Introduction

L’esclavage moderne est un crime odieux et un acte moralement condamnable, qui prive une personne de sa liberté et de sa dignité au profit d’une autre personne. C’est un problème réel pour des millions de personnes à travers le monde qui sont exploitées et retenues prisonnières par diverses formes d’esclavage, y compris dans des pays développés. Toutes les entreprises risquent d’être impliquées dans ce crime à travers leurs propres opérations et leur chaîne d’approvisionnement.

C’est pourquoi, chez Sia Partners UK plc, nous avons une approche de tolérance zéro envers l’esclavage moderne et nous nous engageons à prévenir toute forme d’esclavage et de trafic des êtres humains dans nos opérations et notre chaîne d’approvisionnement. Nous avons mis en place des actions concrètes pour combattre l’esclavage moderne, telles que décrites dans notre déclaration. Cette déclaration détaille les actions que nous avons prises pour comprendre tous les risques potentiels que représentent l’esclavage moderne pour notre entreprise, et pour mettre en place des démarches pour prévenir l’esclavage et le trafic des êtres humains.

2. Notre entreprise et nos chaînes d’approvisionnement

Nous cultivons une relation de confiance et d’intégrité avec tous nos fournisseurs, qui se construit sur des facteurs bénéfiques mutuels. Notre sélection de fournisseurs et notre programme d’intégration comprennent une due diligence de la réputation du fournisseur, du respect des lois, de la conformité avec les standards de santé, de sécurité et de la protection de l’environnement, ainsi qu’une due diligence des références.

Nous n’avons pas été informés d’allégations d’implication de nos fournisseurs dans des activités d’esclavage ou de trafic des êtres humains, mais si nous étions notifiés de telles activités, nous agirerions immédiatement et signalerions ces activités aux autorités.

3. Evaluation des risques

Nous avons mené une évaluation des risques de notre chaîne d’approvisionnement en prenant en compte :

  • Le profil de risque de chaque pays, qui s’appuie sur le Global Slavery Index
  • Les services commerciaux apportés par les fournisseurs
  • La présence de groupes démographiques vulnérables
  • Une revue des actualités et des opinions de groupes de droits du travail et de droits des Hommes

Cette évaluation définit notre réponse et les contrôles de risques que nous mettons en place.

4.    Politiques

Sia Partners UK plc mène les politiques suivantes afin d’identifier et de prévenir l’esclavage et le trafic des êtres humains dans nos activités :

  • Politique de Lancement d’Alerte - nous encourageons tous nos salariés, nos clients et nos fournisseurs à signaler toute suspicion d’esclavage ou de trafic des êtres humains, sans crainte de représailles. Nous mettons à leur disposition une assistance téléphonique confidentielle afin de protéger l’identité des donneurs d’alerte.
  • Code de Conduite - notre Code encourage les salariés à suivre de bonnes pratiques en définissant clairement les actions et les comportements qui sont attendus de leur part dans la représentation de notre entreprise. Nous nous efforçons de maintenir les standards les plus élevés de conduite des salariés et de comportements éthiques lors de nos activités à l’étranger et dans la gestion de notre chaîne d’approvisionnement.
  • Politique d’Achats Responsables - nous avons mis notre Politique d’Achats Responsables et nos contrats de sous-traitance à jour afin de citer de  manière explicite l’esclavage et le trafic des êtres humains.

5.    Due diligence des fournisseurs

Sia Partners UK plc procède à des vérifications auprès de tous les nouveaux fournisseurs lors de leur première intégration et à des intervalles réguliers pour les fournisseurs déjà partenaires. Cette due diligence comprend :

  • Evaluer les risques dans la fourniture de certains services ;
  • Mener des vérifications d’antécédents sur toutes les ressources des fournisseurs déployées pour nos projets ;
  • Sanctionner les fournisseurs qui n’améliorent pas leur performance en lien avec nos attentes.

Nous exigeons des fournisseurs qu’ils certifient :

  • Qu’ils n’utilisent aucune forme de travail forcé ou obligatoire ;
  • Que leurs salariés travaillent de leur propre gré et peuvent résilier leur emploi s’ils le souhaitent ;
  • Qu’ils mettent à disposition de chaque salarié un contrat de travail qui contient un préavis d’une durée raisonnable pour résilier leur contrat de travail ;
  • Qu’ils n’exigent pas des salariés qu’ils envoient une caution/une obligation and ne retiennent pas leur salaire pour quelque motif que ce soit ;
  • Qu’ils n’exigent pas des salariés qu’ils remettent leur passeport ou permis de travail comme condition d’emploi. 

6.    Sensibilisation

Sia Partners UK plc participe à la sensibilisation à l’esclavage moderne en affichant des posters à travers nos locaux et en envoyant un courriel à tous nos employés qui se focalise spécifiquement sur l’esclavage moderne et qui décrit :

  • Nos engagements dans le combat contre l’esclavage moderne
  • Les signes auxquels prêter attention pour identifier des cas d’esclavage moderne ou de trafic des êtres humains
  • La procédure à suivre par les salariés pour signaler toute suspicion d’esclavage moderne

Cette déclaration couvre la période du 31 mars 2021 au 1er avril 2023 et a été approuvée par les PDG de Sia Partners UK plc.


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