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Intégration post-fusion (PMI)

Nous intervenons lors des étapes d’intégration post-fusion pour maximiser la valeur de la fusion, tout en garantissant la continuité des activités quotidiennes. Nos activités incluent le lancement et la conduite du plan de transformation ainsi que la conduite du changement.

Navigating the intricate landscape of post-merger integration (PMI) is a pivotal phase for organizations undergoing mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Through meticulous planning and rigorous alignment to the strategic objectives of the deal, we ensure our clients are positioned for a successful post-merger integration. We work-hand-in glove to help you navigate the risks and complexities of the integration process and achieve the desired synergies and value, by embracing the change happening in your organization.  

Navigate M&A with Precision: Our Proven Approach to PMI Challenges

Sia Partners’ PMI approach addresses the immediate and real challenges that all mergers and acquisitions face. The essential goals of our approach include: 

  1. Smooth Continuity of Business 
  2. Shaping the Desired Organizational Entity 
  3. Realizing Synergies and Unleashing Full Potential 
  4. Durable Robust Growth for Prolonged Success 

Strategic Integration Resilience & Navigating Core Challenges

  • Customer and Vendor Relationships: Losing customers or vendors during the transition. 
  • Cultural Integration: difficulty creating unified corporate culture. 
  • Systems and Technology: challenges rationalizing system estate and merging disparate technologies. 
  • Organizational Structure: resistance from existing and new employees and potential inefficiencies. 
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: meeting legal and regulatory requirements can be more complex and costly than anticipated. 
  • Employee Moral and Retention: employee anxiety and attrition due to uncertainty and change. 

Sia Partners’ Pillars of PMI Success

  • Industry expertise and vendor independence 

Sia Partners maintains vendor independence, unbiased judgment and brings expertise across business, operations, and technology. 

  • Going beyond the integration management office  

Our approach takes advantage of our capabilities beyond centralizing and leading the integration. Achieve the full potential of the integration through our AI, Design, and Digital Transformation capabilities. 

  • A bias for rapid results – Speed to Value 

Our approach, built over years serving diverse customers across financial services, high-tech, energy, retail, health & life sciences, and more will reduce time to close, avoid common pitfalls, and deliver value faster. 

  • A pragmatic and flexible approach 

Sia Partners maintains flexibility to adapt with changing client priorities. Our tools can be modified to fit specific client requirements and regulatory conditions. 

Our Phased Approach to a seamless PMI journey

Our Phased Approach to a seamless PMI journey

Our Client Success in PMI


As a long-term trusted advisor to one of the world’s largest underground mining services providers, we have supported the integration strategy and delivery for one of the largest acquisitions in the industry’s history. 

The challenges

With a significant presence across four continents and supporting some of the most complex underground mining operations across four continents, the acquisition of a partially owned venture required a highly structured approach, detailed knowledge of the mining industry and significant stakeholder engagement. The acquisition would result in roughly doubling the scale of our client’s operations.   

What we did

After supporting the development of the organization’s five-year corporate strategy and with the completion of the deal, we supported the development of an integration strategy to pilot the transition to full ownership. We established an integration governance structure, detailed integration plans and multiple integration workstreams. We leveraged our proprietary, mining-specific PMI checklist to direct delivery within the initial 100 days of the integration, enabling the merged entities to rapidly progress through the process. 

The outcome

The identification of shared customer contracts with major suppliers enabled the client to re-negotiate its contracts through their combined value and achieve significant cost savings. Additionally, the project merged the inventory catalogues of both organizations which streamlined suppliers and SKUs in use across the entire organization. The integration was materially completed within the first 100 days with only long lead items such as major finance system integrations continuing after the initial 100-day period. 


Our client is a large Multinational Clinical Research Organization headquartered in Dublin providing services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries to support the development of new drugs and medical treatments. 

A multibillion-dollar acquisition of another Health Sciences company in 2021 required our expertise to design, implement and lead an Integration Programme to successfully integrate all the systems and processes required for the newly merged organization. 

What we did  

The Integration Programme initially developed a strategic solution for the new organisation that enabled tactical programmes of work roadmaps to be developed and prioritised. These roadmaps were then executed in two phases, the first focusing on the key core systems to be consolidated including the CRM, HR and Finance systems. The second phase focused on the key systems that support the daily operations across their clinical research activities. 

The successful programme of work was underpinned by developing a proposed Enterprise Architecture for the new organisation considering the current architecture of both organisations and proposed strategic and tactical Roadmaps. The Enterprise Architecture was critical to determining the prioritisation and sequencing of all projects based on their inter system and business dependencies. It also quickly identified systems and infrastructure no longer required in the long term to facilitate planning for decommissioning and associated costs savings. 

The Outcome

Our innovative and agile approach facilitated all projects in the first phase to be delivered on time and to budget by the end of 2022. This phase delivered 24 projects in parallel implementing and integrating over 110 systems. 

The second phase is due to complete successfully by the end of the second quarter of 2024 delivering 28 projects in parallel and integrating and implementing approximately 220 systems. 


Sia Partners had worked closely with the client on a past integration so had the client’s confidence that we could ramp up quickly and adapt to the client’s culture. The objective was to migrate 1200 clients in 14 months. This was made more challenging since the target organisation outsourced all HR and Finance functions which significantly complicated data migrations. Despite these challenges, Sia Partners was able to successfully manage the integration and meet the client’s deadline.  

What we did 

Sia Partners set up an Integrations Management Office (IMO) and developed a comprehensive integration plan with detailed activities by workstream, dependency tracking, and key milestones. Sia Partners managed a recurring business cadence to drive the integration forward, address risks and blockers, communicate with leadership and meet target milestones. 

The Outcome 

Transported 1200 clients, valued at $34.7M, onto acquiring company’s platform, leveraging automated scripts and decommissioned legacy platforms. Completed integration in 14 months including the integration of HR, Finance, Product & Engineering, Sales, and Operations functions.  

Reach Out to Us

Our PMI offer is sector-agnostic. This means that whether you are in the automotive sector or the banking sector, the manufacturing or the healthcare industry, we have experience in helping clients like you. 

Taking advantage of our complementary AI, data and quantitative capabilities, you can expect to rapidly develop an understanding of target operations, reduce time to close, avoid common pitfalls, and deliver value faster. 

If you would like to learn more about Sia Partners in general, our Post-Merger Integration offer and our credentials in the area, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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