Since its inception, Sia Partners has been developing a policy of research and publication. Our team decodes weak and strong signals in the news, meet with various experts, and carry out quantitative and prospective studies, and more. Our research gives us a strong knowledge of the needs of our clients and allows us to better anticipate their future needs.

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Vers la fin du B2B2C ?

Les grandes stars du monde des produits de consommation sont, pour la plupart des entreprises ayant un modèle de commercia...

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Smart Grid: The Road to Success for GCC Countries

The current electricity grid was designed several decades ago, around centralized electricity power plants, to manage the ...

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Industrializing the Development and Management of Mobile Applications

Mobility is a key component in any digital strategy. Together with device management and the company’s device strategy, th...

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Règlement Européen sur la Protection des Données

La collecte et le traitement des données sont des enjeux majeurs pour le secteur de l’assurance. Depuis quelques années, n...

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La Valorizzazione degli Asset Aziendali

L’evoluzione dell’offerta di gestione degli Asset IT sta sensibilmente modificando gli scenari messi a disposizione del CI...

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Re-enabling Enterprise Architecture in a digital world

Nowadays, CEOs from most of the industries investigate digitalization opportunities. Customer preferences and behavior are...

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February 23, 2017
#English #Digital Transformation #Energy #Big Data
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February 22, 2017
#French #Transport Public
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February 21, 2017
#English #Banking

Do Banks have an AML Problem with IOLTA?

From Banking & Insurance
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