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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients. 

Data Science

Sia Partners defines Data Science as an innovative use of data. This innovative factor may derive from:

  • the source of the information: use of freely accessible sources (open data or web-scrapping, structured or not)
  • the use of the data: machine learning statistical models
  • the purpose of the application: data visualization techniques and tools

For Sia Partners, the success of a Data Science development program requires above all a pragmatic and targeted identification of concrete, operational and value-creating applications. A successful Data Science project is based on an iteration between statistics and business expertise. This dual expertise is the DNA of Sia Partners’ Data Science team.

The team brings together the necessary diversity of profiles and has developed applications for many uses such as:

  • fraud detection
  • data capture enrichment
  • process improvement through the use of open data
  • predictive maintenance
  • statistical forecasting models

Our business and management teams have the ability to address complex technical and management subjects. Thanks to Sia Partners‘ international footprint, the Data Science team is wherever companies need it (New York, London, Singapore, Paris…) and our integrated model allows several teams from different countries to work together on the same project for our international clients.

A showroom of the Data Science applications developed by Sia Partners can be found on the following page: showroom-datascience.sia-partners.com

Fraud Detection

Sia Partners helps companies and public organisations faster assess whether a transaction is fraudulent and better filter their data flows . We do so either by enriching existing supervised models through the use of social data, or by detecting new undetected trends of fraudulent behaviors via non-supervised models.

case study

Our demo applications showcase the model enrichment via social data and the performance measure of various non-supervised detection models.

Data Capture

The informations displayed or exchanged on the web can be of use to an improvement of internal processes or to a competitive positioning. We have developed expertise in the optimal strategic use of the many formats of reachable information (structured and unstructured, raw and refined, historic and dynamic).

case study

Our demo applications showcase the value hidden in easily reachable data sources. For example, we have developed web tools for transport competitive positioning and insurance reverse engineering.

Open Data

In order to ensure visibility and usability, companies and organizations uncovered the importance of opening access to some of their intelligence. Open data are an opportunity for actors to widen their panorama and improve their processes. We have developed expertise in the optimal strategic use of open data.

case study

Our demo applications showcase the value hidden in open data. For example, we have developed web tools for the measure of road dangerosity and the pricing of medical acts.

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