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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients. 

CRM & Marketing


The traditional rules of marketing and customer relationships have been shaken up by widespread access to the Internet, its increasingly important role as a transactional channel, the emergence of social networks and the advent of a large number of mobility tools. This revolution has forced companies to try new approaches to their customer relationships.

 Sia Partners assists companies in the various stages of their customer relationship approach, from strategic planning to the operational execution, based on our proven expertise on all the aspects of customer relationships: analytical CRM (research and customer understanding) as well as operational CRM (relationship and multi-channel strategies).

Analytical CRM expertise:

  • Customer research and understanding
  • 360° vision of the customer
  • Client information databases
  • Segmentation, customer value, targeting

Operational CRM expertise:

  • Digital strategy: website reorganization, customer portals, self-care, social networks
  • Relationship strategies (acquisition, loyalty, retention)
  • Multi-channel and cross-channel strategies
  • Digital channels (chat, customer zone, virtual agents, mobile applications)
  • Call centers and CRM tool
  • Outgoing communications
  • Claims handling

Sia Partners assists its clients in coping with these transformations.


Develop a cross-channel web project

The implementation of a cross-channel strategy is a unique opportunity to boost business performance and respond to regulatory and competitive developments.Over the past few years, companies have therefore undertaken major projects to modernize their interactions with clients by placing the Internet at the heart of their customer relationships.

case study

Sia Partners helped a large energy company scope, follow up and give feedback on an experimentation of online subscription (web chat) by the Sales Force Department :

  • Design the new Customer Experience, specifications, define the performance indicators
  • Study the web chat development

Establish a CRM tool

In order to simplify access to services, limit recurring costs and strengthen their image, companies need to provide employees with the right tools to enable access to information, anticipate customer needs and improve customer interactions and quality of service. To this end, the optimization of their Customer Relationship Management tool is essential. These tools ensure that: relevant customer information is gathered, their needs and expectations are taken into account, their requests followed up and monitored.

case study

An energy company asked Sia Partners to scope their business needs and  propose and implement  the adequate Customer Relationship Management tool. Sia Partners assisted in matching business procedures and organizing the change management program.

Implement differential treatment

Driven by the possibilities offered by new technologies to gain customer knowledge and develop more personalized relationships, companies implement differential treatment for different types of customers.

case study

 Sia Partners assisted a major player in the French utilities sector to define and implement a department dedicated to its major clients. The project included customer segmentation, organization and process definition, human resources, marketing the offers and management of an experimental pilot phase.

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