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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Human Resources


Human resources has been a core activity of Sia Partners since the beginning. This practice gathers high-profile HR professionals together from both large organizations and consultancy.

Our main goal is to assist our clients in the transformation of the HR department and/or HR functions through the following:

  • Structuring of large transversal functions: career/mobility, recruitment, training
  • Optimising efficiency of HR departments: organization, benchmarks, KPI, etc.
  • Defining and optimizing business processes
  • Supporting the transformation and ensuring peaceful and balanced employee relations
  • Digitalizing HR services
  • Defining and deploying work-life balance policies

The HR practice is relevant for all industries. Thanks to Sia Partners business practices (public sector, energy, banking, insurance, transportation, retail, telecoms, etc.), our teams work together on complex assignments in order to provide a high quality of services.


Work-Life balance

Providing employees with a healthy and supportive work environment benefits both the employees and the company. Assessing work conditions and implementing innovative work-life balance programs will develop employee commitment and aid the organization’s sustainable performance.

case study

Sia Partners helped a major company with the implementation of a work-life balance programme: assessment of work conditions, identification of areas of improvement and definition of key levers, negotiation of a collective agreement with unions on work-life balance.

HR Transformation

Efficiency improvement is the key issue for any organization, and the HR function is no exception. Efficiency programs allow the HR department to rethink its processes and its service offer. The main objective is to improve the quality of service by reducing administrative tasks and deploying a talent management policy that delivers empowerment.

case study

Sia Partners has assisted a large international organisation in the transformation programme of the whole HR function : definition of programme’s objectives in terms of target processes (improvement  of process efficiency and quality of service), coordination of all HR business streams for global consistency of the targeted organisation, support for the roll-out of new processes and related tools.

Career and mobility

To stay competitive in an ever-changing environment, the HR function must anticipate business needs in order to always have the right skills at the right place and at the right time. Implementing career and mobility policies and tools is the key to developing talent in alignment with business strategy.

case study

Sia Partners has recently helped an international group in the definition of its career & mobility policy : identification of key changes and their impact on the company’s functions and skills, mapping of the organisation’s key functions, and definition of job descriptions and skillsets, definition of career paths

Social Management

Assisting the HR department and operational departments in defining a strategy for industrial relations, preparing and rolling out transformation programmes (collective proceedings), conducting labour negotiations and managing industrial relations on the shop floor.

case study

In the retail sector, Sia Partners has supported the Employee Relations Director of a large organisation in developing a strategic analysis of the unions’ impact  (high risk stores, trade union mapping,  strike management’s processes), creating and conducting training focused on  management and conflicts, assisting store directors and their management teams in leadership (roadmap construction and roll-out) and ensuring a peaceful work environment.

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