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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Change Management


Change management has always been an integral component of Sia Partners' service to its clients. More recently, this area of expertise has become a single practice in order to provide clients with dedicated teams to support transformation programs.

This practice assembles high-profile professionals with strong change management skills and/or people development skills.

Sia Partners assists its clients in coping with their transformations in order to improve their competitive advantages, flexibility, people enrolment and employee satisfaction through the following:

  • Defining the transformation’s vision and goals
  • Leading change management programmes and projects at all levels of the enterprise
  • Aligning soft assets with hard transformation objectives: culture, HR policies, management rules, etc.
  • Enhancing leadership performance
  • Developing managerial skills and competencies
  • Coaching teams and employees to reach collective and individual goals

The People and Change Management practice is transversal to all industries and helps clients view change management as a real strategic value to support long and lasting performance by and for its human capital.


Managerial policy definition

Most businesses have changed drastically over the last decade. While the business transformations have been performed successfully, the cultural and managerial changes have often been neglected. However, an effective change strategy is the key to success and durable performance.

case study

Sia Partners has helped a major insurance company reach elite status. The goal was to change the company from deep within its core: people. To achieve this challenge, Sia Partners defined a new managerial policy and trained every employee in the new practices. The overall project was realised in less than a year and included 180 training sessions for almost 2000 employees. Individual development was coordinated to change management culture and managers were empowered to be fully enrolled in reaching goals and performance objectives. 

Training and communication plan

Developing an effective and adapted training and communication plan reduces the risk of failure of the transformation program. Communication is an essential part of human nature and should be carefully considered as part of the transformation program.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a large organisation in defining a comprehensive training and communication plan to facilitate the launch of a new client service. Sia Partners used every innovative tool to achieve this plan. Sia Partners identified targeted population, and defined concepts and key messages before designing the means of communication. In order to reach the 10,000 employees worldwide, several channels were utilised for communication, including videos, tablet presentations, guides, posters, leaflets, websites, etc. Training sessions were performed  using e-learning, MOOC, etc.

People Development

Coaching is a powerful way to develop people’s skills and abilities to boost their individual and collective performance. It should be considered as a tried and tested approach to assisting employees in achieving their individual goals and ambitions more quickly and reaching the collective objective of performance.

case study

Sia Partners assessed managerial practices with a health corporation in order to develop managerial skills and abilities, and to reach the company’s overall performance goal. This assignment was centred on using the Leadership Judgment Indicator tools and review tests results with each manager in order to review managerial context, focus on managerial preferences and design an individual development plan based either on training, coaching, co-development, etc.

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