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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Telecommunications & Media


The Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) industries have been facing a deep and fast-paced recomposition of markets and value shifts enabled by the digital revolution and new players that disrupt historical markets.

Personalization of content, high use of broadband (4G LTE, optic fiber cable), multi- mobile screens and connected objects are deeply transforming the way customers and employees live, work and interact. To match these trends, players of these industries must adapt their business models and design innovative offers focused on customer experience, to differentiate and generate new revenue streams.

Our multi-domestic team provides TMT industries players with an end-to-end approach to help them cope with their metamorphosis in the digital age. Our teams have developed a deep sectorial knowledge of these industries in all markets from consumer to business, local to international, combined with our transversal expertise, including:

  • marketing strategy, innovation & partnerships, marketing project management
  • customer and subscriber relationship management, distribution, data analytics
  • value chain digitalization, operational performance, OSS BSS, supply chain and services platforms optimization
  • strategic framing, organization alignment, process enhancement and change management

We are able to explore and define new playgrounds in the intertwined TMT markets. Our agile organization enables us to assemble the right competencies to support our customers’ challenges.


Explore and anticipate market trends

The digital revolution is a unique opportunity for companies to transform themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Yet, if untamed, it can be a threat: the profound changes need to be properly channeled to become a potential and prosperous source of competitive advantage. This complex environment and associated trends are constantly analyzed by our telco industry experts.

case study

Sia Partners has studied workspace and evolution of ways of working , to generate innovative ideas about the future employee experience, in partnership with an institute. The study covered 5 European countries and was composed of a qualitative then quantitative phase and delivered a position paper.

Define new business models and market positioning

With the democratization of ATAWAD usages and real-time information access, the quality of information is becoming a competitive advantage for businesses that evolve in intertwined ecosystems. Impacts for telco players are to invent a positioning on partial green fields, including mobile banking,  door-to-door traveling, smart devices, big data related opportunities.

case study

Sia Partners conducted a strategic positioning study for a telecom player in transport multimodal information and data value chain. Our solid field of analysis enabled to propose an innovative positioning including door-to-door approaches.

Design and launch new offers

As mobile devices and connected objects’ commoditization is booming, many players aim to capture a large chunk of the value chain, including connectivity and mobile applications and services, as well as distribution. Sia Partners’ extensive experience in complex marketing projects allows us to accompany clients from strategic framing to offer conception, then throughout the customer journey.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a telco player in the framing, design and launch of a tablet strategy and value proposition for B2B and B2C segments in several countries. The project included as well the business case to identify the highest potential sub-segments and the design of a  tablet-assisted sales tool.

Explore opportunities of data analytics for connected objects

The emergence and rapid adoption of connected objects, and more widely the Internet of Things, offer tremendous opportunities for businesses in terms of data analytics: lowered costs thanks to predictive maintenance, customer experience enhancement based on better quality of service, new revenue streams due to geolocalised offers, etc.

case study

For an industrial client owning a global park of connected objects, Sia Partners has identified new business opportunities based on predictive analytics. Collecting data under different forms and from various databases, our client could offer reduced downtimes and faster repair to its customers, and operate with lower maintenance costs.

Develop cloud-based offerings

Mobility presents both a challenge and an opportunity for companies today as both customers and employees are now shifting to mobile for a variety of usages: apps hegemony, mobile-first experiences, BYOD policies, real-time analytics, etc. Cloud-based solutions and offerings are now becoming key to answering these needs and usages.

case study

Sia Partners has lead a study for a telco operator, in collaboration with a research institute to understand the mobile apps market evolution and drivers. Special attention was given to cloud based apps that are increasingly being adopted in the B2B segment.

Recruit tomorrow talents in the TMT industry

In a global and fast-moving TMT industry, talent acquisition is paramount. Sia Partners has been involved in detecting the best ideas and potentials from the student sphere through several business sectors thanks to original writing competitions. Organized in collaboration with companies & media groups, these competitions are unique opportunities to co-create the innovations of tomorrow.

case study

This student competition rewards the best articles written by university students on the digital era each year since 2008. Génération mobilité is organized in partnership with Orange, JobTeaser.com and L’Expansion magazine. Visit the website dedicated to Generation mobilité for more information

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