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Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm composed of passionate consultants who are able to drive business changes among our customers. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results to our clients.



Real Estate

The real estate sector is undergoing a major transformation due to new disrupting factors such as customer buying behaviors, new investment options, private and public partnership structures, as well as new business operating models. Such factors are aligned with the new economic norms: convenience (high availability and accessibility), shared economy, pay as you go (rental vs. ownership), connectivity + smart city (IoT, BMS), lifestyle (work + live + enjoy), and regulations (i.e. environmental, taxes, GDPR, etc.). The sector is not only converging towards a higher level of integration to provide better services and experiences, but also towards higher level of integration and collaboration of suppliers to enable the new models (smart building / 3D printing / smart materials / high connectivity).

Sia Partners offers independent advisory and consulting services to enable key players in the real estate ecosystem (Developers, Asset Managers, Builders, Contractors, Operators, and Government Organizations) to define and execute their transformation plans.

Our firm benefits from acquired global industry and cross-sector experience and network of consultants and subject matter experts.

Strategic Direction

Defining a strategic direction of an organization is one of the key factors to clarify long term aspirations to be able to work towards attaining expected long term results, and structure execution plans in strategic areas such as growth, diversification, sustainability, excellence, and innovation. Sia Partners supports public and private organizations in formulation of their short, medium, and long-term strategic and operational plans, set-up of strategy functions, definition of corporate governance frameworks, and optimization of organizational designs.

case study

Sia Partners was appointed by a listed company, the largest investment company in the geographical area where we operate, to formulate strategic options, align and implement a 5 year strategy for the holding company and its subsidiaries, set up a Strategy Delivery Office (SDO), as well as to optimize the organizational design, and corporate governance.

Digital Planning / Transformation

Capital intensive transformation projects may positively disrupt the balance within and between institutions. Sia Partners works with organizations within the real estate ecosystem, both for profit and government organizations, to support designing their “to-be” processes and systems’ functional capabilities in alignment with the desired capital investment plans.

case study

Sia Partners enabled various government agencies to collaborate with the Urban Planning Department by supporting the design and implementation of a capital investment planning system. The system streamlines timelines, automates the information collection process, and creates new insights / intelligence enabling decision making and collaboration

Performance Framework

To cope with external pressure - tougher market conditions and increasing competition - as well as to achieve sustainable results / targets to excel and satisfy key stakeholders, organizations are in need to improve and update their performance management frameworks. Objective evaluation of the past performance combined with leading indicators to support predictive analysis enables better decision making as well as increases competitiveness.

case study

Sia Partners supported the development of the performance management framework of a property management organization, leveraging on key performance indicators and targets that defined and prioritized necessary initiatives / action plans. Our engagement enhanced the organization’s ability to effectively execute its strategy and manage its reward system.

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