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Pharmaceutical companies have been through a massive transition period that has lead to a new marketplace with more challenges in terms of innovation, diversification and pressures on efficiency and affordability.

As a result of this transition, pharmaceutical companies are facing new issues such as:

  • A need for real differentiation in the R&D pipeline coming from both a regulatory and buying perspective.
  • A need to remodel market access. With all the change in regulation, direct sales forces are no longer as effective as they used to be and the channels to market have changed dramatically. The increasing importance of emerging markets is also forcing pharmaceutical companies to realign their global footprint.
  • Pressure on costs resulting from a more competitive market: manufacturing and supply chains have now suddenly received more attention than they did previously.

Sia Partners collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to address their strategic and operational issues. Sia Partners is able to support pharmaceutical companies across the entire value chain, from research and development to supply chain, support and commercial functions.


Reinvent business models

Pharmaceutical companies need to be able to seize new growth opportunities through innovation, diversification, partnerships and expansion in emerging markets, but also face unprecedented compliance challenges. Sia Partners’ research center helps to identify these development strategies and assess growth opportunities.

case study

Sia Partners investigated the potential for a US-based life sciences company to enter the European market.

Enhance operational excellence

Competitive market pressures are forcing pharmaceutical companies to improve their operational performance (define a more flexible and efficient supply chain, rationalise business processes, reduce costs, etc.).  Sia Partners is able to help its clients identify and reduce sources of complexity and cost in order to achieve operational excellence.

case study

Sia Partners helped a pharmaceutical company redesign its supply network after a merger.

Manage commercial transformation

Developing innovative commercial models particularly for specialty indications is a major issue for pharmaceutical companies. That requires profound transformation in their marketing and sales strategies, operations and the development of new capabilities like more precise customer segmentation or multi-channel marketing. Sia Partners’ feedback allow us to design customized approaches for our clients.

case study

Sia Partners helped a leading pharmaceutical company create a high-impact marketing strategy. The project included definition of a new segmentation for the implementation of operational changes.

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