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Makestorming by Sia Partners

Makestorming has shaped Sia Partners’ design hub to create our “Consulting 4.0” offering together. The agency contributes co-creation, prototyping and a user-centric vision which is tried and tested in areas such as UX design, services and products.

Our Vision

We all agree that companies are under-utilizing their employees’ talents. We all work more, but do we work better?

We’re not convinced. 

In order to optimize tasks, employees are asked to give up their autonomy and follow a defined process. Everyone works alone on their tasks, and, little by little, they lose any sense of purpose in their actions. One particular shortcoming that is becoming more common is that we use our hands less; intellectual tasks are prioritized to the detriment of manual work. We often lose sight of what’s important; the user experience, whether that’s the end user, client or collaborator.

With Makestorming, we want to give employees, and by extension, their employers, the ability to reflect and take action. That way, everyone can help create the best possible solutions to the problems they face. Above all, it’s a question of culture, paradigm shift and our relationship with the world around us. 

So how do we actually do it?

We have to learn to work together again; people already work to accomplish a common goal.

So what's our approach?

We consolidate collective intelligence and design methods in order to understand issues, come up with solutions, prototype and test them, all while keeping the user in mind at every stage. 

We avoid collaborating for collaboration’s sake and mass-produced collective intelligence. We don’t have a magic wand but we’ll work with you to produce concrete solutions which can be deployed rapidly!


Our Offers

Since 2009 we have used Makestorming to combine design and collective intelligence to encourage agility, creativity and efficiency.

Since 2009, we’ve held more than 600 workshops and training sessions for our 150 biggest public and private clients. Our clients are partners in co-design, who help to create powerful and efficient solutions. Together we are constantly learning and iterating to make progress in all types of projects, and transform our ways of working to allow for more creativity, agility and efficiency.



We didn’t know about Makestorming before! We’d never used such dynamic methods in our work!



Jean-Louis Haurie, Paris CAF director

What attracted me was the graphic dimension. We’re going to be able to create some beautiful things together, because beauty begets good. That’s something that they do really well in Makestorming.


David Lamiaux, DRH Kiloutou


Who We Are

We are facilitators, designers, makers and engineers. Since 2009 we’ve been helping to put creativity, action and collaboration at the heart of working practices in large companies.