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Change Lab

We support our clients in the design and implementation of their transformation strategy to boost the company's performance, by addressing both formal (organization, technology, processes) and informal (practices, skills, culture) structures.

TMO Provides an Organizational Advantage in Transformation

As we move into an exponentially accelerating digital economy in the post-pandemic era, organizations (be they commercial, non-profit, or government) are challenged to adapt structures and working practices to the new realities.


Managed Services

Business conditions are constantly evolving, firms are facing challenges with growing the bottom line and doing more with less. We support our clients in designing, implementing, and running Managed Services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) services.


Resilience & Adaptation

"Climate action failure" is the number one long-term threat to the world and the risk with potentially the most severe impacts over the next decade according to the Global Risks Report 2022. The effects of climate change are already visible and palpable, they are becoming more frequent and severe.


Transformation Hub

The Transformation Hub is a powerful, interactive, online platform with best practice methods, tools and templates developed for our clients to design and deliver transformation programmes.


Leadership & Management Transformation

We support the entire management line (executives, top managers, local managers) to develop their key role in the transformation of the company, by supporting our clients in defining their leadership model, training and coaching managers, and animating management communities.


Digital Transformation

As well as securing the technical deployment, we lead digital transformation by ensuring a sustainable adoption of new business practices and skills, empowering users to be key actors in business performance and transformation.



We support the integration of the target organization by addressing employee expectations of the organization’s future, securing and developing key skills, aligning processes and systems, and managing the change in "crisis management" mode.


Mergers & Acquisitions

We support our clients in the implementation of their integration strategy by taking into account HR issues at each stage of the process from a legal, organisational, managerial and cultural point of view.