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Pricing & Revenue Management

Sia Partners supports many players in the development and implementation of their Pricing and Revenue Management strategy. Sia Partners also invests in R&D into the evolution of Pricing and RM tools with our data science lab and partnership with a start-up which specializes in this field.

Our area of intervention ranges from high-level strategic projects to implementation phases. We cover 4 major fields:

  • Pricing Strategy: Align the pricing strategy with the business challenges the company faces (margin, load factor, etc.) and adapt to new business models

  • Innovation & Big Data: develop new pricing and RM strategies and enrich existing pricing strategies with new data (CRM data, unstructured data)

  • Deployment and evolution of RM: implement and strengthen the pricing strategy, create an RM cluster and provide user training, and monitor the design and development of RM IT tools

  • Revenue Integrity: Secure revenue, control sales and ticketing conditions, and guarantee the right fares are applied

Support in the implementation of RMS

Sia Partners has supported its clients in the tourism sector as well as in transport in the implementation of new Revenue Management and Pricing tools, from the definition of the strategy to implementation.

Sia Partners supports its customers in the deployment of new RMP tools that can integrate new internal and external data, and based on high-performance sales forecasting algorithms to improve decision-making, automation of manual activities, and thus optimizing sales and enriching the work of analysts.