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Label Screener bot

Label Screener is dedicated on helping tradional offers management of the food & cosmetic industry, on following and reacting to new market trends.

What is it ?

Sustainable and digital trends have deeply impacted customers-brands relationships and reshaped the FMCG market. Mobile apps such as Yuka and Quelcosmetic are good examples of how this trends can influenc consumers up in stores.

Therefore, traditional offer management is totally overflowed by these new trends as they cannot adapt with agility and speed, and even less foresee trends real impacts.

Our objective is to improve and ease vast products offer management and so react faster to impetuous market change, protect brand reputation and increase sales.


How does it function ?

First, our bot aims at swiftly and thoroughly collecting all information about product compositions, ingredient regulations, experts & consumers opinions.

Second, it analyses all these data and identifies negative or positive elements to evaluate portfolio products across markets.

Third, our solution offers a comprehensive display to easily manage outcomes. It helps exhaustively monitor in real-time all products.

Label Screener bot is part of Heka, the ecosystem of AI solutions developed by Sia Partners.

To learn more about Heka and its ecosystem

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