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Customer expectations of banking innovation in UAE and KSA

Sia Partners conducted a study with Happydemics to understand the uses, expectations and motivations of people with regard to subscribing to a bank in UAE and KSA.

Objectives of the study

  1. Measure customer satisfaction within banking (innovation, customer relationship) and customer expectations for the services of tomorrow.
  2.  Evaluate innovation of offers & services in the banking sector from the perspective of clients.
  3. Challenge pre-conceived ideas: Customers still remain attached to a personalized advisor and a physical agency; Online or mobile banks innovate more than traditional banks; customers are relatively dissatisfied with the digital experience offered by banks.
  4. Determine the drivers of choice for a bank.
  5. Test customer appetite on new customer-bank relationship models.
  6. Test customers' appetite for new products that banks are considering distributing.
  7. Measure the weight of CSR in the expectations of customers vis-à-vis their bank.

Download the results here:

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