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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is deeply transforming the economy and society. Beyond what we can see in our daily life with smartphones, wearables and home automation, the IoT also changing how companies and administrations work. With its connected and real-time functionalities, it enables:

  • Improved internal processes with Smart Building, Smart Industry, Smart Metering and asset tracking
  • Optimised resource allocation – human, technological and financial
  • An anticipation of business or process issues with predictive tools – also based on “Big Data”
  • Improves current services or launches new ones such as connected cars, e-health, Smart City or geofencing

We believe that the IoT is an evolution rather than a revolution. For decades, industries such as utilities have been using connected devices to manage their assets and deliver their services. The continued growth of the IoT emanates from the spread of connected devices. It is empowered by new technologies and innovations such as LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox…), NB-IoT and in-home networks, which must be integrated. Some companies and administrations have adopted a “wait-and-see” approach due to the lack of visibility on what would be profitable in the long-term.

With a strong track record in establishing complex IoT projects, Sia Partners has developed methodologies and approaches on all the layers of the IoT, whether they are business-oriented, technology-oriented or deal with integration within legacy IT systems.

If you want to learn more about our IoT activities, please visit our dedicated website: www.club-iot.sia-partners.com

Market Study and Strategy Definition

The Internet of Things is not an end in itself: it should serve the business as usual. Yet, before launching an IoT project, Sia Partners recommends conducting assessments to define a practical roadmap: a benchmark of potential technologies and service providers, internal process audit, ROI rating and BP validation… With its large expertise in the IoT ecosystem, Sia Partners provides guidance to ensure successful implementation to reach clients’ operational and business targets.

case study

Sia Partners assisted companies in setting-up new Facility Management services based on IoT. Sia Partners carried up the operational framework and conducted POC to approve the business and technical suitability. Our progressive and pragmatic approach helped its customers launch promising services.

Support the design and manufacturing of a connected device

Launching a connected device on an industrial scale is a complex task that must be well designed at an early stage: it must include the object and its qualification, the IoT platform, the integration with all internal and external systems, supply and logistics… Based on several references, Sia Partners offers advice on industrial, IP and purchasing strategies, security, integration, connection with logistic, billing and after-sales services.

case study

Sia Partners assisted an electric utility company in designing, producing and distributing a mass market connected device. Sia Partners dealt with various fields: project, technical, IP & procurement strategies, CRM… Our expertise in complex industrial projects helped our customer succeed in this ambitious project.

Set up unified IoT strategy & integrate with legacy IT systems

An IoT strategy has to be tackled with a unified and centralized approach so as to be effective and rational for a company. Choices in technology must be made keeping in mind concerns of interoperability, security and flexibility. We helped our customers with the implementation of an IoT strategy that guaranteed an efficient integration of all IoT subprojects and assisted the transformation of business in these opportunities.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a railway company in setting-up IoT services embedded in existing IT systems and with the changeover of IT Tools to manage a fleet of connected devices. Our IoT expertise, combined with strong knowledge of the transportation sector, allows us to succeed in the proper integration of these new services.


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