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Innovative Ecosystems

The CEO, acting as Head of Strategy, works closely with the Chief Development Officer (CDO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to develop and support an innovation infrastructure. This infrastructure is divided into four parts:

- Corporate Venture Capital, in which project proposals from start-ups and disruptors are carefully studied, their ROI evaluated
-The Incubation period, which allows start-ups to develop and mature
-The Acceleration phase, in which start-ups seek to either a) integrate into the Company Group or b) sell their products/services and invest into the Company Group
-The Lab phase, where start-ups explore trends and partnerships and feed back into Corporate Venture Capital

Optimize the value creation in an innovation ecosystem

Most of the large companies have created an innovation ecosystem including labs, incubators, accelerators or Corporate Venture Capital.

We help our customers generate more value in:

•Assessing the level of integration of this ecosystem into company group
•Assessing digital maturity
•Designing a Target Operating Model

Accelerate the speed of innovation

The interface between the portfolio of startups and the corporate level is a key factor of success in accelerating the speed of innovation on both sides.

We help our customers develop measurements of their efficiency and to reinforce agility in the different stages of development (ideation, solidification, MVP, acceleration).

Assess the data privacy level

Most of the B2C startups are developing customer centric approaches and are using the most advanced data science methods and technologies.

As part of large groups, the expectations on data privacy,  cybersecurity and data protection have to be fully aligned with the groups' standards.

We help our clients assess the data privacy level by startup and/or develop a assessment framework for the entire innovation ecosystem. We also help them identify open datasets or data providers.

Improve the sourcing and ideation phases

Effective incubators offer more than commodity executive services such as office space or generic mentors.

They provide business counselling and management assistance to their hosted companies such as a validated market opportunity with customers willing to pay for a product or a service.

 We help the innovation entities to find alternative ways to source ideas and to assess the operating/business models.

Think global

Startups must think globally in terms of competition landscape and market opportunities. Following Sia Partners’ global positioning, we help our customers and their startups:

-identify the competition landscape "as is"
-develop more market intelligence
-rapidly expand the operations and sales abroad

We also help incubators/accelerators/CVC operate globally (sourcing, startup mentoring and coaching…)

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