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Digital Due Diligence

Our Digital Due Diligence expertise is about assessing the value of the digital asset of a company while the global due diligence is running. The value of digital assets is strategic and complex to evaluate. Sia Partners built a global methodology around five main axes:


Disintermediation risk

Today, this is a major stream. The goal is to evaluate the risk for the industry to be disrupted by start-ups or major digital companies (GAFA, NATU…). Sia Partners, with its expertise (Banking, Energy, Transportation, Retail, supply chain, etc…) and regulatory observatory, provides a global understanding of the market and the ways in which it evolves.

IT assets

Assessing the “legacy” regarding its abilities to be digitalized. This aims to evaluate the investment needed to successfully drive a digitalization strategy (“invest” or “trash”).

Operational risk

This axe assesses the potential cost of operational risks such as maintenance costs, operational incidents, and business process disruptions.

Data assets

This stream is about calculating the monetary value of the data asset owned by the company. This value includes the internal value of the data for the use of the company as well as the market value, which is the ‘price’ said data could be worth in the marketplace or to other companies.

Security risk

A security assessment shows IT weaknesses in terms of data protection. Thus, this stream is able to value the potential investment to secure the IT system and the potential cost in case of data loss and regulatory constraints (GDPR…)

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