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Data Monetization

With a 40% annual growth rate in volume, Data is exponentially growing within each organization. Though some try to unleash the economic potential of Data, taking the most out of this undisclosed wealth remains a complex project to achieve.

Our Data Valorization expertise is about harnessing the maximum value from the data a company can own. Sia Partners has built a global methodology and expertise around four main challenges:

Data-driven Marketing

Valorization of data to optimize marketing processes is one of the most well-known techniques but it is a hard task to achieve. The main goals are either to increase the number of leads and customers or to reduce the customer acquisition costs. [MLP1] The key behind this valorization is to merge data from both digital and offline sources to access a complete customer knowledge. Tools like Data Management Platform (DMP) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) will unleash the true potential of this data.


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Sia Partners helps its clients to frame Data-Driven marketing projects with a strategic or operational road map and comprehensive insights on tools and techniques to use to achieve successful results.

Data Commercialization

Selling data is a complex project that may be rewarded with high revenues. Among the issues to tackle are assessing the type and quantity of data, legal requirements, data privacy impacts, and customer relationship impacts. Then comes the hard task of selling the data to the right person at the right price. Sia Partners, with its expertise (Banking, Energy, Transportation, Retail, supply chain, etc…) provides global insights to make the best deal.  Sia Partners designed a four step methodology to commercialize data: internal data mapping, commercial data strategy definition, data valuation, and data selling.

Moreover, Sia Partners has developed a partnership with DAWEX, a global data exchange marketplace, to provide its clients a trusted and secure interface to manage data transactions.

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Sia Partners helps its clients to identify the best solutions to monetize their data at the best price through innovative marketplaces.

Data-driven innovation

This challenge is about designing new services and offers using the company’s data that is not in the core-business. Major digital companies, especially GAFA, are outstanding at this business model, using consumers’ data from service usage to sell advertising plans. These new services can generate high revenues by target either B2B or B2C. Building a data-driven innovation service requires a strategic marketing approach to succeed.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a major service company in France (40M+ clients) to design and build a new range of services based on data-driven innovation. This project involved data owned and gathered by the company but also data from 2nd and 3rd party providers. 

Data hunting

Most companies are willing to make the most out of their data. Yet, the amount of data is becoming huge as new technologies rise (internet of things, digital customer journey, etc.) and having a full picture of all the data available in complex organizations is rare. Moreover, it is often useful to be able to forecast the future sources of data which is even more difficult. For this reason, Sia Partners has developed a genuine expertise of data hunting enabling companies to identify all possible internal data sources and to find specific external datasets that could help its clients on internal projects.

case study

For General Data Privacy Regulation projects, Sia Partners assisted major insurance companies to identify and assess the potential of personal data from all kind of sources: online and offline customer data, suppliers’ contracts, internal operations data, employees’ data, etc. 

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