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Data Management

Information Technologies have deeply shaped all business lines’ way of work in the last decades. Business activities are more and more related to IT tools, and more specifically with its Data. Therefore, Data is exponentially growing, inside and outside companies: with an average annual growth rate of more than 40% since 2013, mostly driven by unstructured data (about 80% of data is contained in documents, files, webpages, etc.…).

Data is now undoubtedly the real intrinsic business value, making up a major business potential, but also bringing inherent operational risk for the company if it is not appropriately managed and controlled.

Sia Partners has developed a comprehensive, transverse and business-oriented Data Management offer, addressing:

  • Data Governance, processes, roles and responsibilities clarification
  • Master Data Management and data referential implementation
  • Data architecture definition
  • Data quality implementation
  • Meta-Data Management, including metadata creation, integration and distribution
  • Warehousing / BI / Data science (for more information on our Data Science offer, please visit our specific page)
  • Data security / protection, specifically in the context of GDPR compliance (for more information concerning GDPR, please visit our dedicated website)

Sia Partners has already successfully helped several of its clients address these issues operationally.

Data protection

Personal data collection and processing have become major stakes for companies, both for improving customers’ knowledge and for other activities such as fraud detection. In order to regulate the use of personal data and to ensure better control, the GDPR regulation has been approved and will take effect on May 25th 2018.

case study

For its clients, Sia Partners does a complete, four-step diagnostic on their maturity levels regarding the GDPR regulation: identification of processing and transfers; analysis of existing protective framework; analysis of regulatory deviations; definition of a roadmap to comply with GDPR regulation.


Meta-data corresponds to data that describes other data throughout their lifecycles. Companies that have started a data management project will quickly be faced with meta-data issues. Reconciliation between sources, data identification & lineage, interoperation between repositories, communication between users and IT professionals are some important subjects that are tackled by meta-data.

case study

Sia Partners helps its clients set up a meta-data management framework by creating a specific governance (actors, committees) and identifying a targeted architecture for collection and storage. 

Privacy Protection Standards

In France, every app is required to comply with the rules enacted by the CNIL (French Data Privacy Authority) on the protection of personal data. For every new IT project, it is thus imperative to prepare the necessary materials ahead of time for the declaration addressed to the CNIL, and to audit the legality of both the data processing and the information systems with the chief information security officer.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a French ministry in designing the technical aspects of the authentication system for an online portal enabling users to track the progress of privacy-sensitive administrative procedures.

Master Data Management applied to CRM

In order to simplify access to services, limit recurring costs and strengthen their image, companies need to provide employees with the right tools to enable access to information, anticipate customer needs and improve customer interactions and quality of service. To this end, the optimization of their CRM tool is essential. Gathering relevant customer data or consolidating existing customer data is often the critical part. Transportation companies are evolving under the effects of globalization, liberalization of markets and changes in consumption patterns. In order to keep their passengers and propose adapted offers, they need to better understand customer expectations. 

case study

Sia Partners assisted a large transportation company in building its new CRM tool (using an MDM architecture), by consolidating existing customer databases (including former loyalty program) and expanding the scope of collected data.

Data Security

Information security has evolved over the last decades, from an initial defense around the network to adapted application security, which depends on how critical it is. IS is now moving to a data security scale, requiring uniform and adapted security levels to data across platforms and applications. A risk-oriented approach allows a prioritization to comprehensively address risks, such as data leakage.

case study

Sia Partners assisted a large insurance company in defining and implementing a data protection strategy, from identification and classification of data within all departments to implementation of protection measures on each data media and use case.

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