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About Sia Partners


Who we are

Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm and a pioneer of consulting 4.0. Through unparalleled industry expertise, we deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients. Our innovative approach has led us to welcome the disruption of AI, invest in our Data Science field, and develop consulting bots. Sia Partners is run by an international management team and organized as a partnership.


Key figures

> $230 M Revenue

> 1999 Creation date

> 20 Offices

> 1,200+ consultants

> 350 clients

> Key clients include 20% of Fortune 500 companies

> 70 Partners

> 12 Consulting bots


To find out more, download our Fact Sheet here


Our culture

Sia Village

Sia Partners teams work in an integrated way in the Sia Village. This initiative launched around three pillars: working atmosphere, community, and Corporate Social Responsibility aims to incorporate our DNA into our office space and way of working. The teams use innovative technologies such as Sia branded Apps, social networks, web communities, and digital tools.


Corporate & Social Responsibility

Sia Partners places employee commitment at the heart of its HR strategy. We treat our team with respect and fairness and help employees develop their professional skills. Making social responsibility an integral part of our mission, we promote and value a healthy balance between job responsibilities and family life. The firm is a member of several networks of corporate decision makers as well as trade associations.